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3 Uses for Flour Sack Tea Towels

One of my very favorite things about flour sack tea towels is how versatile they are. If you search on Pinterest for flour sack towel uses, you'll be greeted with hundreds of possibilities. To be honest, that's a little overwhelming to me, so I've narrowed it down to my top 3 favorite uses below. Check it out!

1. Use your flour sack tea towels in the kitchen to dry dishes/hands or wipe up spills. This one seems obvious, but I couldn't leave out the actual use these bad boys were intended for! Flour sack tea towels stand up to the test in the kitchen with their high absorbency and quick drying properties. If you're regularly using your towels in the kitchen, you'll want to make sure you take care of them to extend the life of the towel as much as possible. You can find tips for caring for your towels here

2. Style your flour sack tea towel on a tea towel ladder with other decorative items surrounding it. My friend Bridget at Griffy Lou Creations makes the cutest tea towel ladders. Sit it on your counter and prop it up on your wall or backsplash with your towel draped over the top rung. Layer it with a wooden cutting board and simple succulent or pair it with your utensil crock. 

3. Use your flour sack tea towels as gift wrap. Eco-friendly and adorable, using a flour sack tea towel as gift wrap will take gifts up a notch. Whether you're wrapping a small gift with the towel and tying it with twine, or wrapping a wine bottle or soap dispenser in the towel for a sweet hostess gift, the gift recipient is sure to love the unique touch! 


What's your favorite way to use a flour sack tea towel?

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