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Fall Bucket List

I've got to be honest and say that fall isn't my favorite season. I know, I know - you probably just gasped because you thought I was all about PSL season and chunky sweaters (my actual personal hell because HOLY hot). To me, fall is a reminder that winter is coming and that straight up bums me out. BUT if you've lost track of time, its 2020 and 2020 is the year where crazy, unbelievable things turn into reality. I'm determined to set myself up to soak up fall this year instead of seeing it as a step towards winter and I plan to do that by utilizing a fall bucket list.

Whether you love fall or are a summer girl (raising my hand over here!), I thought you might want to join in on my fall bucket list challenge too. Here's a printable bucket list so you can be intentional about your time in a new season. 

 Have your own fall traditions? I also created a blank fall bucket list so you can fill it in with all of your favorite fall activities. 

Happy fall, friends!

P.S. - trying to check off 'bake pumpkin bread' and 'do a fall DIY project' off your list? Check out this recipe and this DIY roundup

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