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Flour Sack Tea Towels - What They Are and Why I Love Them

I've been making and selling flour sack tea towels for over 2 years now and while they have been one of my most popular product categories to date, I'm still sometimes met with a confused look when I throw around the term 'tea towel'. Today I'm going to walk you through what a flour sack tea towel is and tell you why I love using them in my own kitchen. 

First things first - what's a flour sack tea towel? Simply put, it's a dish towel made of 100% pure cotton rather than the terry cloth fabric you might find when you pick up a dish towel at Target. The cotton is woven diagonally to create a soft, absorbent fabric that dries quickly and washes beautifully. The flour sack tea towels that I use in my shop are pre-washed, hemmed on each side, and feature a corner loop for easy drying or convenient storing.

I love using flour sack towels in my own home and here's why: 

1. They perform better than the dish towel set you put on your wedding registry years ago. The 100% premium cotton material makes them incredibly absorbent and fast-drying, so you don't have to worry about them dripping all over your kitchen after wiping up a spill like your old dish towels do. 

2. They have many uses. Sure, they can be used for the obvious tasks like drying dishes/hands and wiping up spills (check out how to best care for them if you're using them for these tasks here), but there are other fun and creative uses for them. Check out my blog post here to learn about some unique uses for your flour sack towels. 

3. They're neutral enough to fit well in any kitchen, but they still pack a punch with the personality they add to a space. I don't know about you, but sometimes the thought of making dinner doesn't exactly bring a smile to my face. Having a tea towel with a quirky hand lettered quote hanging in my kitchen makes me chuckle and that, my friends, is worth celebrating. 

Seeing the benefits of flour sack tea towels now? My flour sack tea towels would make the cutest addition to your kitchen or as part of the next gift you give. Check them out here

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